Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is a Poem?

A story with meter and at times rhyme,
A creature climbing mountains in record time.
A landscape crowded with flowers and sun,
A tale that’s over before its begun.
A poem is a flower forever in bloom,
A poem can help tell you what to presume.
On beautiful nature or frightening Death—
Events that freeze your lungs or of your last breath.
A brisk read or one that can linger,
Endings sum up or they are cliffhangers.
A poem can leave you with sweat on your brow,
It can be read by all petals on the bough.
The basic premise is that we can learn,
Infinite lessons from a poet’s concern.
Appreciating each poet’s affliction,
Can help us to learn the supreme fiction.

About the Author.

Miami, Florida, United States